Producer, Sound Engineer, Composer, Musician.


Here you can listen to some works I did as a sound engineer on one side, while on the other some productions that I followed as a producer, sound engineer and musician…



Walter Babbini is a Record Producer, Multi-Platinum Sound Engineer, Composer, Musician and Bloom Studios owner, based near Rome. In the eighties he starts very young studying guitar and music theory…

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Bloom Studios with custom modular Noah Hybrid System, massive analog outboard gear, 10M & Trinity Rubidium Atomic clock, two ProTools HDX rigs, ATC speakers, hundreds of vintage and obscure rarities…

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About Me

Walter Babbini is a Producer, Sound Engineer, Composer, Musician and Bloom Studios owner. His sound is sophisticated and powerful, built with several work experience, the producers and engineers that he assisted and collaborated, over the years, are multi-Grammy winners including Michael Brauer, Alan Parsons, David Bianco, Jack Endino and Fabio Venturi. Now, he works with many major artists and, in his projects, he uses his impressive collection of vintage instruments, outboard, pedals and amps that have made the music’s history. Every element and detail of his own Studio has been carefully selected on his needs and his working technique. Thanks to the collaboration with M. Brauer he improves his mixing method with complex application of parallel compressions, developing these techniques to define his own style.

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Recording | Mixing | Mastering

The best technology, experience and knowledge for recording, mixing and mastering. Thanks to excellent acoustics in any room and a large selection of gear.

Record Productions

The artistic production for the complete realization of a recording project.

Editing | Reamping

Fix your tracks for the better final result. Using modern and vintage amps or rare effects through the Reamping.


The best solution for your needs and your budget. Your stay can be organized in structures and restaurants that are affiliated with the Studio in order to optimize cost and quality. Finally, there is the possibility of having a quality catering to eat comfortably in the Studio.

Place to visit

Roma, Tivoli, Villa Adriana, Villa D’Este, Villa Gregoriana, Borgo Medievale Montecelio, Sabina Romana. All places can be reached by car in 20 minutes max.

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